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15th April 2017

Off to San Franscisco in April for the try-out of "Roman Holiday - The Cole Porter Musical". I'm excited to be working with this great group of people

15th November 2016

Party People opened tonight at the Public Theater in NY with projection design by Sven. The NYT calls it “The most exciting piece of theater now up! Heartbreakingly timely and intensely necessary!"

10th April 2016

Mary Page Marlowe at Steppenwolf opened to very receptive reviews, amongst others from the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. It features projections by Sven on Todd Rosenthal's handsome set.

29th January 2016

Steppenwolf's world-premiere of Tracey Lett's new play "Mary Page Marlow" will feature projections by Sven.

18th November 2015

The NYT calls Sven's projections for "A Confederacy Of Dunces" at the Huntington excellent. The world premiere of the stage adaptation of this Pulitzer winning book opened on November 18th.

28th August 2015
08th August 2015

After a busy summer Sven is working on productions at the Alley ("The Other Place") and the Huntington ("A Confederacy of Dunces") this fall. UT Austin is also also keeping him busy: Together with his students he'll be designing projections for President Fenves's Inauguration at Bass Hall.

20th July 2015

Svadba at the Festival Aix En Provence turned out to be a design where lighting and projection complement each other so well that they are beautiful together and could not exist on their own to support the production. 

14th June 2015

Julie Taymor's filmed version of her production of Midsummer Night's Dream will be released nationwide June 22nd. Amongst its many features are also Sven Ortel's projections and imagery.

09th June 2015

Sven is working with director David Esbjornson to bring "The Confederancy Of Dunces" to the stage at the Huntington Theatre this fall.

21st April 2015

Mat Franco's 1st Las Vegas show will also have a projection design by Sven, working alongside scenic designer Robert Brill.

10th November 2014

Sven is continuing his collaboration with Ted Huffman & Zack Winokur after this year's Hydrogen Jukebox on Ana Sokolovic's Svadba at Festival Aix en Provence in 2015.



26th August 2014

Julie Taymor's movie of Midsummer Night's Dream will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. More info and the trailer here.

16th June 2014

I'm developing a projection design syllabus for UT Austin over the summer. Very exciting.

01st June 2014

Sven is working with Disney Theatrical and WorldStage to put Newsies on the road in the fall.

01st May 2014

I am honered and excited to have been nominated for a Drama Desk award for my work on Julie Taymor's Midsummer.

14th March 2014

Hydrogen Jukebox opens tonight at the Skylight Music Theater in Milwaukee.

27th January 2014

Midsummer is the cover story in Live Design Magazine. As of 2014 this publcation is tablet only, so sadly no link. "You have to download the app" (sic).

03rd November 2013

Julie Taymor's production of Midsummer openend last night to enthusiatic responses from the audience and reviewers alike. We are even a NYT critics pick!

30th August 2013

We have begun rehearsals for Julie Taymor's Midusmmer Night's Dream. Previews start mid-October at TFANA's new home in Brooklyn. Very exciting.

03rd June 2013

After a year of work my little projection design resource site has gone live. Find out more here.

04th May 2013

In The Garden Of Dreams opened last night in Houston. It's a unique show that interweaves classical music, lights and imagery to support and complete each other.

29th March 2013

Newsies celebrates one year on Broadway today! The production features cutting edge projection mapping and tracking technology as well as imagery designed by Sven. All is artfully integrated into the set design.

20th March 2013

Julie Taymor's inaugural production at TFANA's new Brooklyn home will feature Sven's projection work.  Midsummer Night's Dream opens in the fall.

15th March 2013

Sven is creating projections for the world premiere of "Ride The Tiger" at Long Wharf Theater. 

25th February 2013

Moses - Die Zehn Gebote opened to great reviews in St.Gallen.

10th February 2013

Sven will be speaking at the USITT Annual conference about projection design in theater.

09th January 2013

The new German language musical "Moses - Die 10 Gebote" will feature a projection design and artwork by Sven. It opens on February 24th in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

11th December 2012

A Carol For Cleveland opens at Cleveland Play House and is an instant hit. Lots of praise for the projections in the local press (plain dealer, the examiner, news herald)

11th November 2012

Sven made some custom visuals for the Newsies performance at Dancing With The Stars on ABC 11/13.

15th October 2012

Sven made a short film to promote Da Camera's new production "In The Garden of Dreams". You can watch it here.

05th October 2012

Appomattox at the Guthrie Theatre features a projection design by Sven. It's directed by David Esbjornson who callaborated with him on TFANA's highly praised Hamlet. The show opened on Octobetr 5th. A nice write up in the Guardian is here.

03rd May 2012

"Rebecca" will come to Broadway in the fall. Sven also designed the projections for the orginal Viennese, German and Swiss productions. Here's the news.

02nd May 2012

Newsies has been nominated for 8 TONY awards, including one for best set design for a musical. Tobin Ost and Sven have been jointly nominated in that category!

02nd May 2012

Sven will be talking at this year's Broadway Projection Master Class about mapping and tracking scenery with projections.

28th April 2012

Da Camera's new production In The Garden Of Dreams, a calloration with Sarah Rotherberg and Marcus Doshi will feature Sven's projections. Premiere is in spring 2013.

28th April 2012

Sven will re-unite with the creative team behind "Newsies" for the new Broadway-bound tour of Jekyll and Hyde. Opens in the Fall in La Mirand, CA.

21st November 2011

Sven is excited to collaborate with a fantastic creative team and cast on the newly re-imagined version of the musical "Carrie" Off-Broadway in the spring.

15th November 2011

"Newsies" will come to Broadway in the spring as well. A busy spring for Sven.

26th September 2011

Disney's Newsies opens at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey. Critics, inculding the one from the New York Times, are positive to effusive.

11th January 2011

Da Camara of Houston will present Sarah Rothenberg's The Blue Rider: Kandinsky and Music on January 29th with projection by Sven.

03rd January 2011

Two features that cover Sven's work on "Woman On The Verge..." have been published in the last two weeks:

In Lighting&Sound America and Stage Directions.

05th November 2010

"Woman On The Verge.." opened! Here are some pictures from the show and some (still) artwork.

08th September 2010

"A Disappearing Number" receives a great review in the New York Times. Opening in the West End on September 12th.

09th March 2010

Live Design Magazine's January/February issue features an article about Sven's work on SF Ballet's "Swan Lake".

22nd January 2010

Reviews of wonderland speak favorably of Sven's contribution. Words like "stunning" and "dazzling" are mentioned frequently. Variety even mentions the projections before anything else! Read the review here. The Houston Chronicle praises the projections in the updated Alley Theatre production.

21st January 2010

Helgi Tomasson's spectacular Swan Lake featuring projections by Sven returns for a 2nd season at SF Ballet.

23rd September 2009

The Wallstreet Journal features an informative article about the background to the "Blue Rider in performance" project and there is a good write up in the New York Times: 

Article in WSJ 

Review in New York Times

08th September 2009

A nice feature in Live Design Magazine talks about Sven's work on the mariinsky ring cycleArticle in Live Design

20th July 2009

Valerie Gergiev likens Sven's work to that of video artist Bill Viola in this Telegraph article: Gergiev interview in the Telegraph

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