About Noiland

Noiland is Sven's image production house.

It makes and realizes the designed imagery as well as puts the technology and people in place that will deliver any project. Noiland has many collaborators and affiliations which it can draw on to deliver.

Noiland has realized the imagery for many of Sven's projects using a vast array of techniques, ranging from puppetry and stop-motion animation, green screen shoots and computer generated imagery (CGI) to underwater photography, high definition videography and photography.

Every project brings another opportunity to find new ways to create imagery, let it be for media server playback and manipulation, LED walls, front or back projection, projection on floors, custom objects or unusual surfaces in unusual spaces and live camera manipulation and integration.

US: Noiland LLC,  252 Van Brunt Street, 11231, Brooklyn  e: contact-at-noiland-dot-com

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